Ultimate Trekking is proudly a 100% Peruvian enterprise, anchored in the historic city of Cusco. We provide distinct and eco-friendly journeys across Peru, focusing on the enchanting Cusco region. Our excursions are meticulously curated, ensuring that we employ local professionals, conduct clean-up initiatives in our destinations, and persistently educate our team on effective waste management. Experience Peru through the eyes of locals who are deeply committed to both the environment and the essence of our rich heritage.

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Prioritizing Porters: The Heartbeat of Ultimate Trekking

At the core of Ultimate Trekking are our porters from the Inca Trail. They represent the essence and backbone of our operations, undertaking the most challenging trekking adventures. It's a known issue in the industry that porters often work under less-than-ideal conditions and do not receive the recognition and compensation they rightfully deserve. Our company's origins are deeply tied to this community, as a former porter founded it. We firmly believe that by looking after our team's well-being, they, in turn, will ensure our guests have an unparalleled experience.

Tours on the Inca Trail do come at a premium. This is attributed to the essential costs of securing permits for both guests and porters, providing comprehensive insurance to our porters, supplying them with top-notch equipment, and compensating them fairly for the strenuous task of transporting heavy loads across challenging terrains.

Here are some things we'd like every potential traveler to keep in mind:

  • Avoid the Allure of Low-Cost Tours: If a tour seems too cheap, it likely comes at the expense of the staff's fair wages and working conditions. Invest in quality and fairness.
  • Be Wary of Major Travel Companies: If they aren't focusing on the welfare of the porters, they might not be the best choice. Opting for a direct local operator ensures that your investment remains in Peru, supporting the local community and economy, rather than getting lost in overseas administrative overheads.
  • Trust in Local Expertise: We can vouch for the fact that local operators not only provide superior services but also foster improved working conditions. Investing in a local operation is investing in the heart of Peru.
Ultimate Trekking


Selecting the right tour operator in Cusco can be daunting, given that there are over a thousand registered companies in the region. Ultimate Trekking stands out in this vast landscape, not merely because of our tours but due to our commitment to the community. In a significant move, we have joined forces with TreXperience and TreKero, enabling us to undertake two of the most ambitious projects ever initiated by any tour operator in Cusco.

1. Cachiccata's Beacon of Knowledge - The Library: Located in Cachiccata, our library offers more than just books. We have equipped it with computers, internet access, and printers, creating a hub of learning for local children living in challenging circumstances. We believe in leveling the playing field and ensuring every child has equal opportunities, including access to contemporary technology. This library, particularly its internet and printer services, proved to be a lifeline during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Our vision doesn't stop here. We had plans to inaugurate another library in the Village of Canchacancha. While the pandemic put a pause on this, we're hopeful to open it soon for the Local School of Canchacancha in the Lares region, once it's deemed safe to venture to this secluded village.

2. Nurturing Nature - The Greenhouse: As environmental concerns escalate, education about preserving our ecosystems becomes paramount. Situated just a short 15-minute drive from Ollantaytambo, our greenhouse is a testament to this philosophy. Here, we nurture native plants, which are later gifted to the local communities.

Choosing Ultimate Trekking isn't just about breathtaking tours; it's about aligning with a vision that invests back into the communities we explore, ensuring that the beauty and traditions of Cusco are preserved and nurtured for generations to come.

Ultimate Trekking


At Ultimate Trekking, while we might be newer to the scene, our emphasis on offering bespoke experiences for our travelers is timeless. Central to our tours is our band of exceptional tour guides.

Our guides aren't just picked off a list; they are chosen after thoughtful consideration of their experience, comprehensive training, reliability, and unwavering professionalism. They are passionate about showcasing the marvels of our nation and sharing the enriching tales that come with each location.

Having led countless tours, their expertise is evident in the way they interact with and inform our guests. What sets them apart even further is their fluency in both English and Quechua, the ancient language of the Incas. This dual linguistic capability enhances the tour experience and acts as a bridge between travelers and the indigenous communities, ensuring a deeper, more authentic connection.

When you embark on a journey with Ultimate Trekking, rest assured you're in the company of the best guides, equipped to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime exploration of our magnificent country.

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Ensuring Your Peace of Mind: Safety and Security at Ultimate Trekking

At Ultimate Trekking, your well-being is paramount. Every decision, every tour, and every step we take is grounded in the principle of ensuring the utmost safety and security for our guests and our dedicated team.

Our staff undergoes rigorous training to equip them for a spectrum of potential situations that could arise during trekking. Whether it's navigating challenges posed by altitude, addressing hiking mishaps, or catering to specific dietary requirements and allergies, we've taken measures to ensure a proactive and effective response.

With Ultimate Trekking, your adventure is in skilled and responsible hands. Embark on your journey with the confidence that safety isn't just a promise; it's our pledge.

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Camping amidst the majestic Andes is an unforgettable adventure. However, the beauty of this experience is amplified when you're equipped with the right gear, especially when you face unpredictable elements and challenging conditions.

At Ultimate Trekking, we've taken every measure to ensure that our equipment meets the highest standards. Our tents are not just shelters but comfortable havens after a day of trekking. We provide ergonomic chairs to relax in and high-quality sleeping bags that guarantee warmth and comfort in the crisp mountain air.

But the experience doesn’t stop there. Fresh, delicious meals are a pivotal part of our treks. Prepared with expertise and care by our seasoned trekking chefs, every dish serves as a testament to our commitment to quality.

With Ultimate Trekking, it's not just about reaching the destination; it's about enjoying every moment of the journey. And with our top-tier equipment, that journey becomes all the more memorable.

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Why Ultimate Trekking?

Why Ultimate Trekking? The answer lies in our unique blend of passion, expertise, and commitment to both our trekkers and the environment:

  • Local Expertise: As a 100% Peruvian venture, we're intimately connected with our land. We understand its topography, seasonal patterns, and the cultural heartbeat of every region we trek through, ensuring you witness Peru in its most authentic form.
  • Tailor-made Journeys: Everyone's idea of adventure is different. Whether you're an individual explorer, sharing the journey with a partner, or part of a larger group, we customize our treks to resonate with your unique sense of adventure.
  • Champions of Responsible Tourism: While many talk about sustainable practices, we live by them. From leaving no trace in our trails to respecting and integrating with local communities, we believe in a holistic approach that also sees us channeling part of our earnings into local projects.
  • Safety Above All: The beauty of the Andes can be as unpredictable as it is breathtaking. We're always prepared with well-equipped first-aid kits, detailed emergency protocols, and guides adept at high-altitude contingencies.
  • Guides with a Difference: More than just trek leaders, our guides are storytellers. Rich in knowledge about local legends, historical tales, and the diverse flora and fauna, they transform your trek into a vibrant tapestry of experiences.
  • Hassle-free Adventures: We think of everything so you can focus on the experience. We've got you covered, from transportation and delicious meals to top-notch camping gear.
  • Celebrated Trails: While our offerings are vast, some treks are legendary. Explore iconic routes like the Classic Inca Trail, the mesmerizing Salkantay Trek, the hidden gem of Choquequirao Trek, and the immersive Ausangate Circuit, among others.

When you choose Ultimate Trekking, you're not just selecting a trekking company. You're partnering with a philosophy. A philosophy that believes in giving back to the land and its people, ensuring your journey leaves a positive imprint on the soul of Peru. Dive into a world of exploration where every step is a story waiting to be told.