Ultimate Trekking Privacy Commitment


Ultimate Trekking holds the sanctity of your personal details in the highest regard. For concerns or clarifications, please reach out to info@ultimatetrekking.com.

Data Collection:

  • General: We acquire names, birthdates, genders, addresses, phone numbers, countries, email addresses, emergency contacts, passport details, and accommodation preferences to streamline the permit, ticket, and accommodation booking processes.
  • Purpose: Ultimate Trekking coordinates the provision of Machu Picchu permits, train tickets, and accommodations. By availing of our services, you give us permission to utilize and share your data to facilitate these bookings.
  • Digital Footprint: Your IP address is registered when accessing our website or blog. We employ IP addresses and session cookies to understand user preferences better and enhance our platform's user experience.
  • Email and Direct Communication: When you reserve with us, we gather emails and additional data. This is pivotal for securing permits and ensuring efficient communication regarding your trip.
  • Affiliate Data: Our trusted travel partners share necessary data with us. Booking through them necessitates the provision of specific personal details to finalize tickets and affirm your journey.

News and Updates:

Subscribing to our newsletter avails you of news about Peru, intriguing destinations, exclusive offers, and booking opportunities. If these updates aren’t for you, you're free to unsubscribe or email us.

International Data Transfer:

For US, EU, UK, Canada, etc., users, be aware that you're transmitting data internationally to Peru. While global privacy standards might vary, we remain steadfast in safeguarding your rights.

Regulatory Compliance:

We manage personal data in line with legal obligations, specifically:

  • Responding to legal directives
  • Aiding in the prevention, detection, and deterrence of criminal actions

Data Security and Usage:

Your data is shielded in secure servers, accessible only to verified employees. Selling customer data is not in our ethos.

Personal Data Management:

You have full autonomy over your data. Request edits, corrections, or deletions anytime. After our association concludes, we stand ready to remove your details upon request.

Media Rights:

We might employ media (photos/videos) from trips for promotional endeavors. However, the agency will willingly pull down any media upon the traveler's request.

Web Cookies:

Cookies enhance our website's functionality. Disabling them might limit some of the website features.

Policy Updates:

Should our privacy principles evolve, rest assured we’ll notify you directly.

Inquiries? Don't hesitate to email us at info@Ultimatetrekking.com.