Ultimate Trekking's Social Initiatives

At Ultimate Trekking, our commitment extends beyond just treks. We're deeply rooted in the community and support endeavors that uplift the marginalized, especially in Andean regions where life revolves around agriculture and where modern amenities remain a luxury.

Library in Cachiccata:

  • Objective: To bridge the digital divide for children hailing from impoverished backgrounds.
  • Provisions: We have established a library equipped with computers, internet access, a printer, and a plethora of books, offering a conducive environment for learning and growth.
  • Impact during the Pandemic: This facility played a pivotal role during the COVID-19 lockdown, proving invaluable for children's continued education.
  • Expansion: Our outreach doesn't stop here. We've charted plans for another library in Canchacancha Village. However, the onset of the pandemic has momentarily halted this project. Once the situation stabilizes, the Canchacancha library will cater to the local schools in the Lares region.

The Greenhouse Initiative:

  • Motto: "Plant a tree and give life to future generations."
  • Collaboration: This project is the collective effort of TreXperience, Ultimate Trekking, TreKero, and various local tour agencies based in Cusco.
  • Location and Context: The Greenhouse is stationed in Cachiccata village, a stone's throw away (30 minutes) from the Ollantaytambo district. Home to approximately 80 families, this village thrives on agriculture and increasingly on tourism. This community offers a rich historical tapestry with its Inca Quarry, Chullpas (ancient Incan burial tombs), and diverse flora and fauna. This project aims to integrate the community into the tourism sector, enabling them to manage the Greenhouse.
  • Mission: The Greenhouse will focus on cultivating organic vegetables and indigenous trees. These will subsequently be distributed to villagers and neighboring communities. Besides the immediate benefit of fresh produce, this initiative underscores the importance of reforestation and educates the locals about its long-term benefits for the environment.

At Ultimate Trekking, we believe in giving back to the community, ensuring that while tourists experience the beauty of Peru, its native residents thrive and flourish. We're more than just a trekking company; we're a catalyst for change. Join hands with us, and make a difference!