Ultimate Trekking: Adventure with Purpose!

Based in Cusco, Ultimate Trekking is a company that specializes in unique adventure experiences and unconventional tourism, blending culture, education, and natural history. We are deeply committed to environmental and social welfare, leading various initiatives such as supporting local schools, cleaning roads and rivers, and offering inclusive tours catering to individuals with special needs or disabilities. Our goal is to amplify the positive impacts of tourism on local communities and the environment. If you're seeking memorable highland adventures in Peru, we promise an inviting atmosphere complete with comfortable camping gear, impeccable service, and expertly trained staff to ensure an extraordinary outdoor experience. With us, travelers can immerse in responsible tourism that's in sync with nature, delivering exceptional journeys without compromising on value.

Business Integrity & Ethics

As a frontrunner in responsible travel, Ultimate Trekking acknowledges our duty to set an industry example. We are steadfast in our commitment to operate as a principled local enterprise, expecting every team member to exercise prudent judgment, uphold ethical standards, and be genuine in all our tours.

To underpin our commitment, Ultimate Trekking has instituted an ethics and compliance program designed to ensure our adherence to the highest professional and ethical benchmarks.

Sustainable Tourism

Our dedication to environmental conservation and societal progress is unwavering for us at Ultimate Trekking. We cherish the destinations we journey to and are resolute in our mission to protect them. In our view, sustainability revolves around safeguarding our environment, and honoring every guest, employee, and community. It's not just an operational expense but a defining aspect of our business approach.

In partnership with TreXperience, government agencies, and local communities, we pledge to:

  • Ensure the well-being, safety, and security of our guests and staff.

  • Champion environmental causes such as waste management, trail clean-ups, and regular environmental education for our team and local communities.

  • Mitigate our carbon emissions.

  • Minimize waste and water contamination.

  • Persistently engage in initiatives and collaborations that bolster local communities.